FAQ of Anet ET4 3D Printer

Q1 if the et5 pro has an extruder MK8 or MK10?

A1 The Anet ET series 3d printers, including Anet ET4, Anet ET4X, Anet ET4 Pro, Anet ET5, Anet ET5X, Anet ET5 Pro, all come with MK8 hotend, extruder, and nozzle kits.


Q2 I noticed that during the print all the pulley wheels started wear out this is normal?

A2 Its build-up of dust due to static electricity from friction between the wheel and the aluminum extrusion just clean it with a damp cloth from time to time… set up a regular maintenance schedule of what parts you check like for loose nuts and bolts etc.

pulley wheel

Extruder Clicks on Anet ET4

When the extruder of your Anet ET4 or ET series 3D printers keep “clicking”, and filament couldn’t go through smoothly, it may caused by the following reasons and you would could check and try out the following solutions.

First, check your initial layer height on eyes or in your slicer(like Cura) settings.

Maybe your first layer is a bit to close to bed. If the nozzle is too closed to the heat bed, then the filament couldn’t go out smoothly or slower than the normal speed, and then lead to the clicking of the extruder. 

Second, clog in the hot end.

Remove the nozzle and check the bowden tube is all the way down far enough to seat against the nozzle. Its a common issue with Anet ET4 as there is a small ridge the tube gets hung up on making you think its in properly. If you heat it with the nozzle off and feed filament through you will find a clog attached to the end as it feeds out. The clog would cause the “click” of extruder as well.

hot end clog

Third, set the extruder temp higher. 

Set the nozzle temperature to 215 degree for PLA.


Forth, try slowing down the print speed (mm/s).


Fifth, the peumatic connector wore out during use.


Sixth, poor quality filament could lead to clog easily.

Change your filament and recommend PLA. Your whole issue may be the type of filament your using. If you have a different brand of filament, it may be worth trying that as well.


Last, have some upgrades for your printers.

Change your nozzle to e3d type nozzle, with longer thread and more heat would be better.



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