Leveling Guide for Anet ET4 with Capacitive Sensor

The following leveling guide work for all the Anet ET4 and Anet ET5 series 3d printers with capacitive abl leveling sensor, that is the following leveling tutorial doesn’t apply to the Anet ET4X, and Anet ET4 with the original probe leveling sensor.

And this leveling tutorial is more complex that fit when your extruder crashes to the hot bed and the capacitive sensor couldn’t detect the bed. In your daily use, when the capacitive abl sensor works, you don’t need to follow all the steps here.

Step 1– Pre-heat the nozzle.

pre heat et4

Step 2– Tighten all of the leveling knobs by turning them counter-clockwise until they feel tight. Once tightened, turn them clockwise 5-8 half turns so that there is room to adjust the build plate up and down. This step is to ensure that the heat bed has room to adjust both up and down in the later steps.

et4 leveling knob

Step 3– Push “Settings” button followed by the “Home” icon.

home et4 printer

Your extruder assembly will begin to move up, to the center, and then begin to descend toward the build plate. When the tip of the nozzle is approximately 1 inch from the plate. Push the “stop” button.

Step 4– Place a single piece of printer paper on the heat bed.

Using the “1”and “0.1” buttons, lower the extruder assembly to the position where it is barely touching the paper.

3d printer leveling

Begin sliding the paper back and forth while adjusting the height of the extruder assembly. Until you can feel a slight amount of friction between the nozzle and the paper.

Step 5 – Remove the paper from the heat bed.

Step 6– Locate the straight-slotted screw on top of the leveling sensor (this can be found in the middle of the red light on top of the sensor) If there is no light illuminated, turn the screw clockwise until the red light becomes illuminated and stop. If the light is already present, turn the straight-slotted screw counter-clockwise until it is no longer present and then back clockwise until it is present and stop.

leveling et4 3d printer

Step 7– Press the stop Button

Step 8 – Press the small green button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (back button). Press “Prepare” –> “Level” –> “Manual”.

manual level bed

Once the extruder assembly has moved into the manual leveling start point. use the “+” button until the extruder offset number reads “.50”.

offset number on leveling

Step 9 – Now using the printer paper, begin leveling the heat bed. Press “1”. The extruder assembly will move to the front left corner. Once it has finished moving, place your paper under the nozzle and adjust the height of the “1” corner by turning the adjustment knob accordingly.

Continue this process for “2”, “3”,  and “4”positions twice. You should have done this a total of 8 times when you are finished.

Step 10– Push the “manual” button. Once the extruder assembly is done moving. Push the “-“ button until the extruder offset button reads “0.00”. Push Stop followed by the “back” button.

et4 leveling

Step 11- Enjoy your perfectly leveled bed.

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