Why My ET4 Extruder Keep Crushing to the Heatbed?

Many users reflects that their Anet ET4, ET4 Pro, or Anet ET5’s extruder keep crushing to the heatbed when leveling. Is it because of faulty sensor?

There are a few steps you could check.

First of all, do check that all values of manual and automatic leveling are zero.

Second, if your extruder of et4 crushes to the hot bed when do manual leveling, stop it with pause button.

Bring up the printer head first for about 10cm so you are sure the sensor doe not ‘see’ anything. Above the sensor there’s a small screw, take a flat screwdriver to turn it counterclockwise until its red light turns off. Then use the manual leveling on the touch screen control to lower the printhead nozzle till about 2mm above the bed. Then turn the set screw clock wise till it just turns on.

et4 probe sensor

Note: Adjust the distance between the nozzle and the heat bed with a piece of A4 paper. When pulling the paper, a little scratch is the best.

Besides, you could flash your Anet ET4 with Marlin firmware.


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