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24 in 1 Magnetic Portable Screwdriver Set for 3D Printer

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The 24 in 1 screwdriver set is specifically designed for convenient and versatile daily operation on loosening or tightening slotted, hexagon, Philips, two-point, triangle screws. With 24 different types and sizes of tips, we can handle most types of screws with it in daily use.

Lightweight aluminum casing for convenient storage.The casing is an aluminum lightweight, neatly designed box for a comfortable grip and convenient storage.

Divided compartment design and unique iconic marks.】4+1 compartments store handle and screwdriver tips separately. Iconic marks help easy tip categorizing.

【24 different types and sizes screwdriver tips.】24 different tips handle the most common types and sizes of screws in the daily machine and electronic part maintenance.

Strong magnetic attraction ensures reliable storage and daily operation.】Strong magnetic attraction keeps the handle and tips securely inside the toolbox and prevents tip slipping out from the handle.

【Buckle design for convenient push-in to lock and release.】Push-in buckle releases screwdriver set easily and locks it tight.